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Whether you’re having an engagement, family, newborn, maternity or a ‘just because’ session.
Being prepared and wardrobe is everything.
Lighting and location of your session will determine the vibe of your session and your wardrobe is the cherry on top!


While my Photography style is very relaxed and I like to capture you in the moment with prompts and various poses, I like to be actively involved in what you are wearing.
My goal is for you to love your photos and taking my styling advice and session time recommendations (hello Golden hour) will deliver amazing photos!


what to expect

45-60 minutes at Golden Hour (1-2 hours before sunset). High overhead sun creates squinty eyes and raccoon eyes, and we don’t want that right? I love capturing you in your element. I use a variety of prompts and poses to get those giggles and in the moment photos, but let's not forget a couple traditional poses for Mom and Dad/Grandma or Grandpa ;)

What to bring?

If you’ve booked a family session, all you need is some beverages (especially hot ones if it’s a cold day!), a picnic blanket, kids favourite toys, snacks and your A-Game. Kids can get bored really fast so keeping things fun such as playing tag, tickle wars and running around in between poses will deliver the best photos, always! 

If you’ve booked an engagement or couples session, all you need is some beverages (if it’s cold bring a thermos), yourselves and ready to get cozy with your lover! 

Why am I always talking about the light?

there are many components to a great photo and lighting is at the very top of that list. You could have the most amazing wardrobe, ever, but if we're not able to shoot in the best lighting possible your vision may fall flat. I encourage all my clients to shoot at Golden hour as it creates that warm soft hazy glow that makes you have perfect skin and flattering shadows on you. plus, watching the sunset is one of the best things in the world!
golden hour starts roughly 2 hours before the sunsets depending where your session is. the further inland or west-blocking surrounding mountains the earlier golden hour begins. 

shooting mid-day can happen but it isn't optimal. sweat on your forehead, squinty eyes and harsh sun shadows causing racoon eyes doesn't sound too great does it? finding shade mid-day is pretty difficult and that is why i don't recommend it. 

here are some do's and dont's

DO: Keep it simple
Stick to Solid colours. Earth tones will never go out of style. Stray away from vibrant and neon colours, and stay away from patterns they have a TENdANCY to ‘buzz’ on camera. Look for earth tones such as rich browns, beige, creams, greys, navy’s with pops of jewel tones such as burgundy, muted army green, mustard and deep plum.

DONT: Wear Logos or match
Your sessions should be a reflection of you and your personality. Logos will create a distraction that will take away from the emotion and connection in your photos. Also, remember those 90’s all denim or white family photos? Let’s not do that. Different tones, textures and hairstyles adds a great element to your session!

DO: Keep it relaxed and natural.
Natural. Natural. Natural. “Less is more” never goes out of style. Now, I’m not saying don’t get your hair and make-up done. What I am saying is enhance and frame your already beautiful features. Why? A beautiful dark and heavy smokey eye can make the appearance of racoon eyes.

DONT: Ponytails….
Your hair should flatter and compliment the session location. Unless you’ve booked a high fashion editorial session, slicked back hair ie. slicked high ponytails, will not photograph nicely.

DO: Coordinate a colour pallette
Knowing your colour pallette and vibe is so important. Ensuring your outfits compliment each other's is crucial. Again, Look for earth tones such as rich browns, beige, creams, greys, navy’s with pops of jewel tones such as burgundy, muted army green, mustard and deep plum. adding a pop of denim and floral print works too.

DONT: Wing it
Preparation is key, especially when it comes to your outfits. Otherwise you’ll be scrambling the day of and being stressed is never fun. “Where focus goes energy flows”


maternity_langley_photographer _caitkennedy


DO: Dress to flatter your shape
Loose and comfortable clothing that flatters your shape and fits well is so important. It will show in your photos if you’re not feeling your best in your outfit! Adding layers like scarves, cardigans, lace or crochet kimono’s add a great texture to your photos! Ladies, Long flowy skirts and dresses are always comfortable and greatly encouraged.

DONT: Dress too casual
I get it, we all want to be comfy and wear Lululemon 24/7. Truth: I wear yoga clothes almost every day. However, there is a time and place for our casual everyday wear. Your photos are an investment, family members and you will display these on the walls or on mantles. Wearing your ‘Sunday Best’ is so, so, so important.

DO: Be authentic
You want your photos to look like you. Sure, you don’t wear your “Sunday Best” every day but you also don’t have a camera in your face every day either. Take what I’ve said above as a guideline but ultimately you need to wear what you’re comfortable in!

DONT: Be a risk taker
It’s probably for the best to leave a new style for hair, make-up or clothing for another day.

DO: Bring toys for children to play with
Children are easily distracted and can get bored with photo sessions. Bringing a favourite toy I can hold by the lens for the few traditional posed photos really helps gain their attention and get some good giggles! 

and last but not least...

DONT: sweat the small stuff
This is going to be fun and really, there are no rules. As long as you're having fun, it'll show. and that's all that matters. the best photos are the ones where you're interacting with each other. if the headband isn't staying on or the dog is off in their own world, let's put the headband to the side or let the dog run around, and we'll carry on.